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April 2021 – The 14 Best Vibrators for Couples to Use Together

Well + Good – ‘I’m a Gynecologist, and I’m Begging You Not To Masturbate With an Electric Toothbrush’

March 2021

Men’s Health – The 10 Vibrator Types You Should Know About

Cosmopolitan – Sex Toys for Couples and the 27 Best Couples Vibrators

Well + Good – Can you Masturbate Your Way Out of Period Cramps?

Men’s Health – The Spread Eagle Sex Position is Great for Going Deep

Elite Daily – 7 Things You Should Know Before Period Sex to Avoid Making a Mess

Fun With Sex Toys – This Vibrator Doesn’t Vibrate: Zumio E Review

February 2021

Wedding Wire – 12 Sex Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

NY Magazine – What’s the Best Vibrator

Cosmopolitan – The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Sales

Marie Claire – Masturbation Techniques from a self-love expert

Oprah Magazine – The Best Vibrators for Beginners

Futurism – This Revolutionary, Precision-Rotating Sex Toy is 30% Off for Valentine’s Day

Self – 31 Sex Toys for Anyone Looking to Show Their Clitoris Some Love

Daily Dot – The Best Waterproof Vibrators to Take in the Bathtub

Yahoo! Life – 15 Best Vibrators for First-Timers

January 2021

NYTimes Wirecutter – Best Vibrators of 2021

Buzzfeed – 10 Types of Vibrators You Should Know, Learn, Love

Self – How to Use a Vibrator If you Don’t Know Where to Start

Yahoo Life! – The 25 Best Couples’ Sex Toys

December 2020

Cosmopolitan – Best Sex Toys For Couples

Hello Giggles – 8 Best Sex Toys For You to Buy Right Now

Erotic Review – Zumio X, Our Favorite Christmas Toy This Season

Greatist – O-Mazing Sex Toys to Gift Yourself OR Someone Else This Year

Wirecutter – The Best Vibrators of 2020

Kinkly – 6 Sex Toys Perfect for Any and All Couples

November 2020

Cosmopolitan – Best Powerful Vibrators – Sexy Gifts To Give Your Partner

Elite Daily – 13 Gifts For Your Stressed Out Partner That Emphasize Self Care

Bustle – Black Friday Sex Toy Deals

Miss Ruby Reviews – Zumio X vs. Zumio S Comparison

October 2020

Sexplained Med (Video) – Sex Tool Review – Zumio X

Objets De Plaisir (FR) –  Zumio E : un stimulateur clitoridien à rotation elliptique

September 2020

Pop Sugar -16 Sex Toys That Are Perfect For People in Long-Distance Relationships

Ladies Night (NL) – O oh Zumio! How this crazy thing surprised me!

Monsieur Madamex (FR) – Zumio E, La branlette de qualite

August 2020

Daily Dot – The best waterproof vibrators to take in the bathtub

Hello Giggles – This Vibrator is the Adult Version of Your High School Electric Toothbrush

Cosmo – 15 Nipples Toys That Will Make You Realize You’ve Been Neglecting Your Nips

Oprah Magazine – 25 Best Vibrators for Women That Will Send You to Cloud Nine

July 2020

Cosmo – The 10 Best Sex Toys for National Orgasm Day

Autostraddle– 8 of the Strongest, Rumbliest Vibrators for When Your Love Affair With the Magic Wand Ends

Miss Ruby Reviews – Zumio E vs. Zumio X vs. Zumio S Comparison

June 2020

Maire Claire UK – Masturbating Techniques From a Self-Love Expert

Glamour – 31 Best Sex Toys for Couples

InStyle – The 25 All-Time Best Sex Toys, According to Customer Reviews

May 2020

Cosmo – Most Powerful Vibrators Out There – Zumio X is #2

XBIZ – Announces Zumio “E” Launch

April 2020

Pretty Progressive – 10 Best Vibrators Trending with Women – Zumio S is #1

Betches – Home alone,  9 Sex Toys to Try – Zumio X is #1

AVN – Announces Zumio “E” Launch

March 2020

She Knows – Best Sex Toys Designed for Clitoral Stimulation – Zumio X is #3

Elite Daily – 10 Expensive Sex Toys That Are Worth The Splurge – Zumio S is top 10

Well and Good – Guide to 7  Different Types of Vibrators and How to Use Best

She Knows – Best Sex Toys for Parents – Zumio X is #2

February 2020

NYMAG – What is the Best Vibrator? – Zumio is the best oscillating (revolving) vibrator!

Total Beauty – 24 Empowering Gifts to Give on Vday – Zumio S

Well and Good – This toy will make your head spin with pleasure – Zumio S

January 2020

Urban Milan – Valentines Gifts for Her – Zumio X

Daily Dot – 14 Couples toys that will make your sex life explosive 


Kinkly – 4 Things You Learn When You Attend a Sex Toy Conference

Sex with Emily – The Top 4 Best Toys for Sex Toy Virgins


Kinkly World – Zumio X Review

Sex with Emily – Joining the Pleasure Revolution at ANME


Tess Tesst – Zumio E Review (Dutch)

the SUN – Ann Summers Sex Toy Tester “My fav toy for clitorial stimulation is the Zumio” 

LUNA’s Top 10 Beste Sextoys – Netherlands 

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