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  • "I love how Zumio's tip and stem creates a different sensation depending how I hold it - it's like having a bunch of toys in one."
  • "I swear Zumio reads my mind. As soon as my body needs deeper intensity, the precision tip reacts to my natural motion."
  • "I avoid vibrators because I'm too sensitive but Zumio's tip makes it easy to control where the stimulation happens."
  • "My wife has always been shy about using toys with me. But Zumio isn't as intimidating - she loves it!"
  • "I was losing interest in intercourse because I couldn't climax. Zumio let's me finish together with my partner."
  • "I gave up on vibrators because they ALL left me numb. Zumio's rotating motion is all pleasure, no overstimulation."
  • "My wife and I were looking for something as strong as her wand that didn't get in the way. Zumio is perfect."

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